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Make a Way

We all face times when life is overwhelming. Too much suffering. Too much disappointment. To much opposition and oppression. Whatever the category, the results are often the same. We loose hope and being to believe that there is no way out.

The Book of Job is a great source of encouragement and inspiration for times such as this. That's right, even with Job experiencing horrendous levels of suffering, not just once or twice, but four times, Job's story is a great source of strength and hope.

Once the dust has begun to settle and Job has listened to an assorted lot of misguided, guilt-laden advice from some less than wise friends, he finally hears truth: God is a teacher, leading Job on a path to greater wisdom through the suffering he has endured. God is not an enemy. God is beyond our petty, squabbling ways.

But there is so much more to this. The big revelation comes when God, after a silence that lasts the entire book of Job, finally speaks.

God asks Job questions, the sort none of us could answer. Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Job can't answer. He cannot hold up to this line of questioning. In hearing all that God has done, Job quickly recognizes again his place in the universe. Job bows in worship and reverence to a Holy, Perfect Creator. God the Father, the Infinite One. In his humility and act of worshipful obedience, Job is once again restored.

When Job was faced with the unbearable suffering, God was not absent. When Job was confused, proud and just completely and totally worn down by the pain and grief, God was not wondering how to rescue the situation. God was simply waiting. Waiting for Job to find Him. Waiting for Job to realize the truth that was ever-present. The truth of what it truly means to serve and love our heavenly Father. Waiting on Job to fall down and worship in obedience and declare his love, trust and service to God.

Whatever you're facing today, God has made a way out. No matter how painful our cries or how deep the wounds, God made a way for each and every one of us. That way is exactly the way of Job - on our knees, declaring that He is good, great and our directly choosing and deciding to trust Him, no matter what.

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