Worship Leader, Pastor,  Author, Public Speaker, Audio Engineer, and Producer. If that's the Bryan Ramsey you are looking for, you've come to the right place. 


Bryan travels the country speaking, leading worship, motivating organizations and ministries, mixing audio for various groups, and producing events for others. 


Some keywords that could sum up Bryan's life are constant dedication, determination, inspiration, overcomer, believer, purposeful direction, God-lover, consistency, and commitment.


Sought after by some of the nation's largest churches, ministries, corporations, and organizations, Bryan is uniquely gifted in many areas of expertise.


Having served on the staff of several churches, in roles ranging from Worship Pastor to Executive Pastor, as Teaching Pastor, and Life Groups Pastor to Production Director, Creative Director, and Technical Director, Bryan has just about seen and done it all. 


When coupled with the fact that Bryan has led corporations and non-profits as Chairman, CEO, Executive Director, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone that has a broad spectrum of experience that Bryan possesses.


Additionally, Bryan is the author of several books and technical papers. His latest book, "Fix Me Jesus: Overcoming Sexual Abuse," tackles the largely undiscussed male sexual abuse issues and how to overcome and heal from that traumatic experience.


Bryan makes his home with his wife in Texas. They have two children, one daughter, and one son, both under ten years old. His wife, Niki, is a highly regarded teacher and has served in ministry and on the mission field for several years before settling down into her current teaching, wife and mother roles.


Bryan is active in various non-profits around the nation, multiple community groups, and his church. 



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