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The Code: Leading Technical Arts & Production Teams

This keynote presentation is scalable from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Contact us to discuss your needs further.


We live by the code: we die by the code. Establishing the right culture in your production teams is key to the overall health of not only the team but the church as well. With so many things requiring excellence in AVL, the Code will help lay a foundation for your team to get healthy and stay healthy.

MixFix Workshops: A Practical Workshop in the Best Practices in Technical Arts & Production

This workshop is ideally all-day but can be reduced to a half-day on some occasions. Contact us to discuss your needs further.


A practical application and study of what works and doesn’t in the ever-changing world of production and technical arts. How does one get ahead of the curve and stay there? What are the best practices for executing at a high level? Going Deeper, we will explore some practical tips, methods, and ideologies that will propel your ministry and teams forward into a greater level of execution and excellence.

2020 IMPACT Ministry Group

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