• Bryan Ramsey

Asleep in the Light

There is a grave danger ever festering in the culture of our world. The threat is death, destruction, and decay. The counter-cultural norms of the American dream lurk in the shadows; some would say, to propel us into depravity and moral degradation. Others would say the protesting, the riots the outcries are needed to right injustices, to course correct the destination of the United States.

There is no doubt that the racial injustice and prejudices of the past and current landscapes of the country MUST change. There is no denying that the methodologies of many transubstantiate to something much graver, darker and dangerous.

There is an outcry for justice for those of color, rightly so. There is a similar outcry for those that serve honorably and justly; those men and women that stand a line of defense, to be unequivocally protected. The two can and should exist together, but for many, it becomes polarizing and rips the very fabric of human society into shreds.

The sinister plot of the enemy to succinctly destroy, to deconstruct and leave wrecks in his wake. But in the plot, there is little left to hide. In the activities of his work, he no longer has to hide. He openly engages in destroying, and people have become so asleep and blind, that he practically goes unnoticed.

The Church has been asleep, and it is time to wake up. We have sat back in our country clubs and effected very little change in the world. We have become so polarized by the political that we have abandoned and forgotten the spiritual. The religious-cultural normative of engaging in the political landscape has taken precedence over the hard and sometimes dirty work of getting to the masses and engaging on whatever level they reside.

Christians have fought to right moral wrongs in a court and political setting, all the while, forgetting that morality is not legislated or substantiated by a system of government, but by the heart change of man at the individual level.

Our methods of political gain have come at an even higher cost than most realize. We have stood for what we are against so long that we have demonized the very souls we are here to reach. We have subdued the Holy Spirit's work to political dealings and forgotten the eternal destitute of the individual soul. We have fallen asleep in the light of God's love and allowed the enemy to conquer in ways never perceived at the onset of these political engagements.

There is coming a day when the righteous will be so outcast that we will no longer be welcome in our own country. There is coming a day when the political spectrum will become so grave and desperate that anything perceived as "Christian" will be cast down and torn to shreds.

The brood brush the enemy has used to allow this shift has been distancing and removal of concern for others and fellow man-kind. We have been quick on all sides, to stand against something and have learned to devalue the very life on the opposite side. We have fought to remove prejudice, but in so doing have created some new prejudices in our hearts. We have struggled to hold onto a trinket of history without even realizing the genuine emotions and feelings of those on the opposite side. We have beat against each other and stood against each other to the very point that satan has been left unfettered to wreak destruction.

It is time for all to stand against the work of the enemy. It is time to depoliticize our approach and refocus on the only method that works. Love God, Love Others, and be unified in the understanding that the Kingdom is not the United States, it is not the movement we currently uphold, but about Christ and His atoning work on the cross. It is about His love for ALL man-kind; His desire for each us to follow in His footsteps. His example to each of us to love as He loved us. This is how you break down prejudices, how you remove the bleak stains of racial disparity. The love of God is how you conquer the works of the enemy to destroy us from within.

There are many that fight to uphold a standard, but in the battle lost the roots of the standard. We have seen many quickly wake up to a new world that the rights of the citizen only matter when they align with the government's policy or the political agenda. We see many desperately clinging to something emulsive and intangible.

The hope of the world and the foundation we stand on will not be found in government or a political party or agent. It will not be established in a new vaccine or the face mask some despise, and others adore. It can only be found in Christ and Him alone.

Stop sleeping and get out of your beds. It's time to walk in love. Time to be known for the things we are for, rather than the things we are against. It is time for the body of Christ - the Church - to wake up!

------------ "So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth; and it became a loathsome and malignant sore on the people who had the mark of the beast and who worshiped his image." ~ Revelation 16:2 ------------

Here are a couple of videos that that are older but very relevant to today. Hope you take the time and watch them.

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