• Bryan Ramsey

Broken Together


You and I are broken. Did you know that? Do you realize just how broken we as humans really are?

Is it shocking to you that someone would state that simple fact?

The truth is that we seek to find things that make us whole. We believe monetary or worldly items will fill those massive gapping holes in our lives and in some cases we even temporarily fill them up and feel whole and complete.

For some of us, we attempt to fill in those massive broken parts of our facade with others. We find "the one" and believe that he or she is the answer to making us "complete". The truth is that when we approach relationships in search of completing ourselves we truly create even bigger cracks and deeper holes in our lives.

I am not sure where you find yourself today, but I can tell you ,even without knowing you, you are broken and there are things deep inside of you that are broken, in turmoil and parts of you that are screaming for healing, help and restoration. Maybe there are things in your marriage that are in desperate need. Things in your heart that only you and God know that need to be forgiven and restored. Whatever the case may be, you and I stand together. We stand together in our own state of brokenness and desperation for healing.

The good news is that Christ was bruised for our brokenness, he was pierced and beaten for our sinfulness and by his wounds we are healed. There is power in His death and resurrection. Power to set us free from these broken wrecks we call our lives and move on in His restoration and forgiveness.

Your marriage may be falling apart today, it might be shattered by infidelity or bitterness. Maybe the fairytale dream of becoming complete in marriage is shattered by reality. Whatever it is, can you come to the realization that we are all broken together. Your spouse is just as broken as you are and in that realization, can you learn to love them even with the cracks and brokenness? Will you set aside your own resentment at the realization that they can't complete you and turn to them in the love and hope that is only found in Christ?

I realize more every day how lacking I am. Lacking as a father, as a husband and as a friend, but in my weakness Christ is strong. In my utter failure, Christ is triumphant. In my lack of wisdom and knowledge, God is omnipotent.

The words of this song are amazing, we were never meant to be complete - not on this earth anyway. Our movement on towards unbrokenness will only be fulfilled when we enter into heaven. Until that time, can we just be broken together, moving forward in love of our spouse, our family and each other until that glorious day that we are made complete in the very presence of our Heavenly Father?

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