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Relationships that Matter

We've all been there, the start of a new year, a sense of restlessness that invades our mind, soul and hearts. A sense of longing for something greater, something better, something that will break the monotony of our lives.

Many of us set out to do something that will create or force a change. The ever persistent resolutions to lose weight, to work out more, to find a new job, to love more, etc., leave us chasing something that can only make us a better individual, right? At least that is what we are led to believe. Do such and such and this or that will happen. I will become the person I have always longed to be. My life will finally right itself into being what is best or complete.

Then time gets away from us and slowly the good intentions of January 1st fade away. The resolution to work out more gets dropped because honestly those 4:30 AM wake up calls are just too much to handle when the weather is frightful outside. The plan to eat healthier quickly diminishes when our newly developed routine impacts our schedule just enough that we can't possibly handle the added time of preparing a healthy lunch at home each night, because our 4:30 AM wake up call to work out now means I have to get to bed at 9 PM instead of 11 PM.

January 5th arrives and wow, what in the world was I thinking? I actually thought I could get up at 4:30 AM to work out and also make more time for a quiet time and prepare a new healthy menu for my lunch breaks? Ugh, why in the world would I even believe that I could accomplish that at all? Oh, well maybe next year!

You see, the simple fact is that if we are going it alone, we will likely never reach the end goal. Simply put the human state is not to be alone. It is not to be an island unto ourselves. We are designed and created to be unified in community and relationship.

This year, I would encourage you to pick up the pieces that have likely fallen to the floor already. Maybe it's an unrealistic goal that you need to replace with something more in line with your current situation. Maybe it's something that you just need that extra little help with. Maybe it's something you need a partner to help you accomplish.

Whatever it is, I would encourage you to reach out and unite with those around you. Build a place around your life for accountability and encouragement. For many this might mean knocking down some walls that you have built up around your life. For others it might be simply dropping the control-freak inside of you and allowing someone else in that can encourage you and speak wisdom into our life.

As we move into the new year and all that we hope, believe and long for it to be, place priority on building relationships in your life. Relationships that are mutually beneficial for all involved. Replace those relationships that have led to constant failure. Realize that possibly the relationship that needs to be re-evaluated is the one with yourself. Are you so in strife within yourself that no one can be near you? Is your personal evaluation of yourself so destructive that your life is in a continual cycle of defeat? If so, make the change today. Clear up that destructive thought process that invades your mind and renew the realization that each of us is valuable. Yes, even you!

While each of us are full of flaws, moving past those flaws and working to create positive relationships and influences in our lives is essential to correcting that stinking thinking and removing those areas of weakness in our lives. My personal belief is that with God's help and intervention we can all be set free of ourselves and those destructive moments in life.

In the coming days, purposefully set out to build solid relationships. Seek to find those that you can place around you that will encourage, strengthen and enlighten your life. Allow others a place near you and build up your life by purposeful community.

Praying and believing for the very best in all things this coming year!

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