In Biblical Relationships, Bryan takes an in-depth look at the relationships Christ had during His time on earth.


Looking at His relationship with Peter, Jarius, the woman with a blood hemorrhage, and others, Bryan walks you through the various phases of true relationship and Biblical Community.


More a Bible study than a book, Biblical Relationships is immensely helpful to those seeking to deepen their relationships on every level.  

The original focus on community is very lacking without truly understanding and realizing just how important each part of a Biblical relationship plays into our lives lived in the community.


You will not want to miss reading Biblical Relationships.

Bryan & Niki's new book, Peace in the Storm, tells of their story and God's provision and triumphant grace in the storms of life they found themselves faced with the birth of their son, several financial crises, and health challenges that appeared seemingly overnight.


Overcoming great doubt, fear, and bitterness Bryan and Niki allowed the peace that only God can provide accompany them all the while the storms rocked and tossed around them.


With great mercy and grace, God helped them focus on HIm and quieted their hearts, souls, and minds during some very tumultuous times.


This ongoing story of triumph reveals just how merciful God is and just how much He cares for us, His children.

Bryan encourages you to dig in and examine your current lifestyle in every area.  Are you truly living a life that reflects a devotion to helping expand the Kingdom?   

Do your spending habits, and activities allow ample margin in your life for you to live in Abandonment to God and His purpose and call for your life.


Serving as a wake-up call to modern-day Christians, Extreme Abandon attempts to shake us out of our complacency and over-indulgent lifestyle towards a lifestyle of irrational giving and sacrifice to lead others to become fully devoted followers of Christ.




The traumatic issues that arise out of sexual abuse are very challenging to overcome.  In, Fix Me Jesus, Bryan attempts to reveal some proven methods he utilized in overcoming and healing from sexual abuse.


The book focuses on Bryan's story and God's grace in the healing process.

Bryan Ramsey Ministries is dedicated and committed to shining light into the darkness.


We exist to shine light into the hearts of those we come in contact with on a daily basis.


To share the truth only found in living fully devoted lives to Christ and His purpose for our lives.  In short, to Love God, Love people and establish them in a life full of purpose in reckless abandon of God's love for them and others.

We believe that Christians should walk out our lives in a manner that is reflective and modeled after Christ Himself.


To love those around us, no matter the current circumstances they find themselves in and to show His love to all.


Simply, we believe we should spend more time sharing what the church is about than we do what we are against.

2020 IMPACT Ministry Group

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